Your Own Alphabeticks

OK, you like the idea of having your own Alphabeticks. Fine, you are very welcome to copy anything on this site and make it your own - provided only that you keep the title of Alphabeticks somewhere on your home page.

It's all very simple if you know a bit about websites and HTML and all very difficult if you know nothing about them! You can download the entire source of the site here although it will not be up-to-date.The other way to get going is to copy the following files to your hard drive by viewing them in your browser, taking the view source option on the HTM files and then saving

and then your favourite page

The two .css files are called style sheets and set up the overall style of the pages for you. You should never need to change them. Now using notepad open the favourite page you saved - say it was x.htm. You'll see the text of that page - just overtype it with what you want to say, and save it as the letter you want - say a.htm. If it mentions a picture - like x.gif then change that reference to a.gif and then put your own picture in the same directory on your hard drive. Or, right click on the picture and save it to your hard drive if you want to use it. Now open the file (a.htm) in your browser and see what it looks like.

Now, if you open index.htm in your browser you should be able to click on the a button and go to your new page. Of course the title will be wrong on the button. To fix that, open index.htm with notepad and find the line for the button title, and change the text. Be a good idea to keep the original files somewhere in case you totally screw up!

Then, you could try changing a few things here and there and see what happens. Be brave and experiment!

After you've gotten the whole thing together, only you will know if you are able to upload it to the web or not. Hopefully, you can find someone to help if you need it.

Incidentally,our entire Alphabeticks site fits on one floppy disk - 'cause we keep our pictures small! (That was written when 1.4mb 3 1/2 floppy disks were used - give you some idea how old this site is!!!!)

Serindepity of the alphabet