En mi sueño te vi In my dream I saw you
Tu luz llegaba de tan lejos Your light came from so far away
Tu voz penetra en mi Your voice penetrates in me
Vibra en ti Vibrates in you
Vibra en mi Vibrates in me
Suavemente me llevaba a ti Gently it led me towards you
Oi el sonido I heard the sound
Tu voz dulcemente Your voice sweetly
Me decia "Ven" Was telling me "come"
"Ven junto a mi" "Come close to me"
Volver a vivir To come back to life
Saber que mi sueño no esta solo To know that my dream is not alone
Alienta en ti It breathes in you
Tu y yo cantados los dos You and I, both singing together
Yo sonaba en ser tu mismo mar I dreamed of being your sea
Tu mar Your sea
Es puente de union Is the bridge that joins
De nuestras almas Our souls
Vuelan,nos llaman They fly, they call us



Words - Montserrat Caballe, Music - Freddie Mercury and Mike Moran)
Vocals by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé
Produced by Freddie Mercury, Mike Moran and David Richards
Published by Mercury Songs Ltd.
(C) 1987 Mercury Songs Ltd.
All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners and are provided for educational purposes only.

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